Sunday, July 27, 2014

A thousand apologies for my looong absence. It has been a shaky month.
I started exercising again, got sick, got better, lost someone close, got sad, got a break, went to a festival and got back to work again.
If you remember my last post, I was doing a photoshoot with a cool bearded boy... but he left London and unfortunately we did not get the chance to do it. Hopefully when he visits the city again. That was also a no-no for this month... oh well.
Hopefully this week I am going to have the video from the festival to show you guys. 
Yey! Something that is not instagram or moodboards for a change. Hihihi.
Kiss xxx

1. my lovely boy
2. southbank skate park
3. southbank view
4. love love love
3. crystal fighters in lovebox festival
4. waiting for M.I.A
5. homemade chicken and mushroom risotto
6. national portrait gallery
7. greenwich

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