Monday, May 5, 2014

 I guess you will recognize this post... 
Unfortunately on the previous post the girl I promoted was a pretender.
She stole Monika's pictures and basically she is (still doing it) telling everybody that the photos are hers and she's asking blogs to promote her.
So please be aware that this page is a squam and Catalina Matei is not the autor of these pictures.

The real autor is Monika and I am very glad her friend contacted me about this.
Click here to see Monika's page. She's the real thing and her work is just amazing.

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  1. a sério? roubo é para mim das coisas mais tristes que acontece na internet..

  2. WOW, a sério?... Isto assusta-me um pouco, confesso..

  3. seriously?!! é triste saber que muita gente vive de roubar o trabalho alheio. Também mês assusta, e muito....

  4. Bem fiquei chocada e preocupada!!...mas que gente!!